CSIT University of the District of Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dept. of Comptuer Science and Information Technology

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2016-04-22» Navy CyberSecurity Internship Program Module 3 Lecture

2016-02-29» Navy CyberSecurity Internship Program Module 2 Lecture

2016-02-26» Invited Talks: Government Agile Development Strategy

2016-02-25» Discover Innovation Day 2016

2016-01-20» DoD cyber Security Internship program (kick off and 1st seminar)

2015-05-19» IA Certification Awards

2014-09-18» Internship announcement for Internship opportunity for DC Gov (only for all BSCS, BSIT, and MSCS)

2014-07-15» BSIT student (Lassine Cherif) was awarded the (ISC)2 Foundation Information Security Scholarship

2014-04-21» MSCS student (Nathan Keegan) was awarded the Boren Fellowship

2013-12-09» Scholarships at The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)



2018-02-12» UDC team won the second prize at the 2018 AMIE Design Challenge Competition

2016-02-10»  DoD HBCU and MSI Cybersecurity/ Information AssuranceInternship Program

2013-06-10» A National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education

2013-01-31» Digital Functions and Data Reconstruction

2013-01-31» Are you graduating?

2012-09-03» Zero-energy Cloud Project

2012-06-05» Information Assurance Curriculum

2012-05-05» CNSS Courseware Certification

2011-09-04» A Cloud Computing Environment

2011-02-05» Multi-touch Student Information System


National Centers of Academic Excellence in IA Education (CAE/IAE) Department of the Navy (HBCU/MI) Department of Computer Science at Denver University Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Catholic University